Revised Schedule For the Next Few Weeks

I’ve made a couple of small changes to the schedule for the next few weeks. Please make sure to come to class on time if you’re leading a discussion, because you won’t get a second chance this late in semester!

Also remember that your Big Project — the video interview — needs to be ready for uploading to Youtube by June 2nd. You will watch the videos that week, and we’ll discuss them in class on June 9th.

Lastly, the poem I asked you to write. I’m going to simply ask you to submit it to me by June 9th. Here is my (rough, with a few mistakes in it) example poem:

If One Day I Woke and You Were All Gone (pdf)

But you don’t have to write like me. Write your own ideas, feelings, and thoughts about what you think you would miss if everyone of the opposite sex disappeared from the world suddenly!

June 2nd: Class Debates, and Discussion of Final Exam

June 4th: Oh Young Gwon, Choong Choi, Chung Ah You

June 9th, 1st Hour: Cha Hwan Ryu, Kyung Hee Park, Eun Jung Park

June 9th, 2nd Hour: Discussion of the Big Project Interviews

June 11th: Hee In Jeong, Jin Ho Jo, Ju Hee Lee

June 16th/18th: Final Exams (TBA)

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