Regarding Your Final Exam

Hi everyone. Here are some thoughts on your final exam:

  1. My office is N223. The exam will be at my office, not in our classroom. Please come five minutes early with your whole group. The exam is on Tuesday, June 17th, during our regular classtime, with the three groups beginning at 6:55pm, 7:15pm, and 7:35pm.
  2. We will quickly assign partners and each exam will be approximately 10 minutes in total, from the moment you walk into my office until you leave.
  3. You will talk about two topics: one will be randomly chosen from your group’s list of topics, and the other will be this question:What have you learned in this class?
  4. Please don’t be late. Your group members are depending on you to get their exam done, and I will not be understanding of late arrivals.

I don’t know which group is #1, #2, or #3. I hope you remember! Anyway, here are the topics for the groups (for the two who have emailed me, anyway).

Sam, Sanghun, Su jin, Geum Hee

  1. the best or worst teacher
  2. stereotypes
  3. family effect
  4. relationship – true friends.

Seo jung hee, Yeo ki wook, Lee han kyu, Yoo saem

  1. travel
  2. music
  3. movies
  4. stress

If you’re a member of the third group, please email me your list!

Group #3: So-ra Jo, Jeong-myung Lee, Hye-jeong Lim, and Yong-heon Kim

  1. Travel
  2. Movies
  3. Family affect
  4. Man & woman change
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