Homework for Week 1

 Here’s a short note about your homework. Your homework this week was easy:

  • fill out your student ID form with your partner, and then return it to me on Monday, Sept. 8th.
  • think about why you are in this class, and what you want to learn in it.
  • spend some time with your partner in this class — go for coffee, a beer, a meal, I don’t care, but get to know the person a little bit. (I’m not sure I remembered to announce this, but if I didn’t, you can always choose a partner next time and do this sometime this week. In fact, you’ll be doing this every week, and changing partners.)

The list of English-speaking tasks for this semester will be post after class on Monday, so that everyone will have a fair chance to start at the same time. I will include a list of bonus activities you can do as well. Bonus activities will be used to determine who gets the top grades in the case where several people have all earned the top grade.

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