Homework for Week 1

Hi there,

I got so busy this week that I forgot to note your homework for the week:

  • You should finish reading Shake Girl, and explore the website a little bit.
  • You’re supposed to fill out the ID forms and bring them to me for Monday, Sept 8th. You should also note what kinds of books, comic books, and films you like.
  • You should think about what kind of story you want to tell in our graphic novel: serious or funny, happy or sad, adventurous or mundane, historical or modern, etc. Remember what I said about our class’s goal: to tell a meaningful story, an honest and fair and powerful story. Let’s think about this and talk some more on Monday and Wednesday.

Your readings packages have been delayed a little bit, so we’ll focus on figuring out what we want to do, this week, and then move on to looking at the readings during Week 3.

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