Homework Update

Hi there,

As I announced  on Thursday, there will be no class on Tuesday, because I will be at a conference. We will next meet on Thursday, Sept. 25th.

Until then, your homework is to do two things:

  1. Write me a 500-word essay on the kinds of problems or tensions that we can expect to see in a suddenly multicultural society. Try to think from both a Central and a Peripheral perspective– that is, as a member of some kind of majority, and as a member of some kind of minority. (ie. consider the problem from both sides: people with more power, and people with less power.)
  2. Prepare to discuss “The Lamp at Noon” by Sinclair Ross.

In addition, please review this post. Some of you have sent me .doc and .hwp files. It seems you haven’t carefully reviewed the homework I assigned for Thursday. Please click this link and reread the post there carefully. You must email me an .srt file as soon as possible! There is a link to .srt making software there. The timing doesn’t need to be perfect, just close, but you do need to set up the timing. Work with your group to make the job easier.

Have a great week!

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