Essay Topics

Here is the best essay topic pitched by each student. Some of them I can only accept if you come talk to me. Some of you will be able to choose out of two that I thought were equally good. I will markboth cases  clearly. If you have this marking, make sure you come and talk to me during my office hours. Otherwise, you are free to visit my office if you like, but are not required.

  • Soyoung Choi — Management of Cultural Treasures and Globalization (BUT PLEASE COME AND TALK TO ME)
  • Byoung Lee — Police Power
  • Yoon Jung Kim — Twixter OR Candlelight Vigil (YOU CHOOSE — BUT PLEASE COME AND TALK TO ME)
  • Sook Jung Lee — On the coinage of words related to fashion consumption (BUT PLEASE COME AND TALK TO ME)
  • Soonjae Lee — Loneliness among the elderly during holidays (BUT PLEASE COME AND TALK TO ME)
  • Ji Hye Park — Same Sex Parents
  • Myong Han-goo — President Lee and the Anti-Buddhist Bias OR Suffering from Private Education (YOU CHOOSE — BUT PLEASE COME AND TALK TO ME)
  • Changho Song — The Benefits of Video Games
  • Yu Minjoo –The Man With His Legs Wide Apart
  • Jinyoung Kim — The High Rate of Adolescent Venereal Disease
  • Eonjoo Kim — Human Trafficking in South Korea
  • Yehyun Kim — Why Japanese Novels are so Popular in South Korea
  • Sunjun Choi — Issues with the Appointment of the New KBS President

If I’ve missed you, please email me and I’ll make sure to post your topic soon!

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