Syllabus and Some Reading

Here’s the syllabus for our course:

Media English, Spring 2009 Syllabus (PDF)

If you need a student information paper, please check back soon, I’ll upload one later today.

There will not be class on Thursday, March 12th because of the Semester Opening Mass, but I expect that students will pick up copies of the article I have left at theEnglish Language & Culture Office, at room 205 in 다솔관. There are enough copies of the Korean translated article for everyone, and about 13 copies of the English original, for those who said they wanted to try it. (We’re only reading one article: I decided to be nice to you!)

You are responsible for reading this article by next Thursday, for the discussion that will be led by our four volunteers.

Next Tuesday, part of class will be taken up by sign-ups for panel discussions. See you next week!

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