Homework For March 31st!

Well, we now have a Naver cafe (thanks Min Kyung) and your homework for the weekend is two things:

  1. Get together and create an outline for the story, following the method we used in class (create a list of scenes for each character); then rearrange the list in order, and note the following information for each scene:
    • Who is in the scene?
    • What action occurs in the scene?
    • What information is discovered (by the audience) in the scene?

    Also, assign one character to each student, so that task number 2 (below) can be completed.

  2. Post a description of your character to the website, including things like appearance, fashion, mannerisms and habits, and particular things like voice and hair style, and so on. Remember that each student will probably have to act the part of one of the characters in this film. Also, think about who we can get to play the grandpa, the kids in the story, and so on.

Have a good weekend, and see you on Tuesday!

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