Things to Read Up About

Today’s panel discussion was interesting, so we’ll follow up next time with a discussion of advertising. I asked you to read up on the following things before next class (on March 31st):

In Preparation for the Lecture:

  • Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”
  • Pavlov’s famous experiment with the dog and the bell

In Preparation for the Small Group Discussion:

  • What is “sexual discrimination”?
  • Have a look at some Korean soju advertisements, especially the recent ones featuring Hyori.

Also, PLEASE remember that your current big homework assignment (making an advertisement for any product, real or imagined) is due on March 31st  (correction: April 14th). You may make either a video (ie. TV ad) or magazine advertisement. (If you make a print ad, you might want to submit a series — two or three — in order to make sure your best work is included.) You must NOT use anyone else’s content in your advertisement: no downloading pictures, no downloading music that isn’t legally, freely available.

If you would like some legally usable music, I recommend looking at the website Jamendo. There is a lot there, and if you credit the artist (with a link) it will be enough.

I will want these assignments in electronic form so I can post them to our class website for other students to see.

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