The Exam, and The War of the Worlds


Our panel discussion tomorrow (April 16th) will be about censorship, ratings, and control in Korean media. I expect that your preparation/reaction paper package will be submitted to me when you come to school for your midterm exam on April 21st.

As for the exam, I’ll repeat what I said in class: you will be given a choice of which questions you want to answer, probably by choosing one question from Group A, one question from Group B, and possibly a third in similar fashion. It’s important to express your own ideas and opinion about the question, not just to repeat what was said in class, so I recommend you spend your study time thinking about some of the issues we’ve dealt with and discussed in class. I will select questions from student submissions (on the reaction papers) to make up the test, and will try to select them so they represent a range of different issues for each topic.

Remember that I have instructed you to use a black pen when writing the essay questions for the exam. If you use pencil, it will be discarded. Please also remember to double space, to make reading your answers easier. If I cannot read your writing, I cannot grade it.

I mentioned that we will be looking at the radio play of the H.G. Wells novel The War of the Worlds after exams, and suggested that you could read the Korean translation of the novel, or the English version.

You can find one Korean translation here (it’s #22 on the page) but please bear in mind that this is a translation for children. I don’t know what the quality is. I recommend, therefore, looking at the English original, which you can download for free from It’s about 175 pages long.

Whatever you do, don’t watch the Tom Cruise movie and then think you know the story — it’s extremely different and one thing we will be discussing (and which will come up on the exam) is the question of how the novel and the radio play are different, and why.

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