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I’ve been slow to update, but here it goes:


I’ve decided to assign an essay by Cory Doctorow for discussion in our class next week (ie. as background to the discussion on May 28th). The essay is titled “How Hollywood, Congress, And DRM Are Beating Up The American Economy.” You may wish to read the Wikipedia page on DRM to understand what he is talking about.  If you find this essay interesting, you can download a whole book of essays by Doctorow free. Legally, that is!


We have the following presentations in the next few weeks:

May 26th: The Korean Blogosphere and Real Name System

  • Myung-Ah Noh, Sook Ja Koo, Bo-ryung Yang

May 28th: Are You a Copyright Criminal?

  • Areum Jo, Ji-eun Hwan, Do Jae-Won, Sang-Yoon Lee

June 4th: UCC: Fad or Foundation?

  • Kyung-Hee Park, Sunhwa Park, Chahwan Ryu, Youngni Choi


The following homework has been assigned in the last few weeks:

  • Your dream media project, and how you would carry out the planning, creation, and other steps necessary to make it happen. (Was due today.)
  • A group project describing a new technology or medium that would “kill” an older medium.
  • A radio play adaptation of an existing story or narrative. Your adaptation should be made after consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of radio as a medium.
  • Watch the Hollywood film V for Vendetta and the Korean film 괴물 (The Host) for next class, if you haven’t seen these movies before.

I also said that we would attend a live indie music concert as part of the homework for this course. The show will be on Saturday, May 30th, in the evening, but I’m not sure which show we should see. Please feel free to email me your recommendations if you know any of the bands listed as playing a concert on that night!


I mentioned the following things in lectures and discussions recently:

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