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This is a clarification for students in two of my classes: Business Across Cultures, and Understanding English and American Popular Cultures.

I have mentioned, or will mention, how we will conduct discussions in class. My explanation confused at least one student, who emailed me, so here goes:

When we are going to have a class discussion, I will usually ask you to write a “Preparation Paper”. There may be several things I ask you to think about: for example, a company, a group of people affected by that company, and an article discussing both. (Or, for example, two films and an essay discussing one of those films.) You can list off information you found in your own research, note questions you have about the assigned reading or viewing, and list questions you would like to ask the class or panel discussion participants.

You are expected to write the Preparation Paper and bring it to class for the discussion, but not to hand it in. Rather, you will keep it, and when you go home, you will write your “Response Paper” which will sum up your thoughts on the discussion, highlight what you agree and disagree with, note a few questions which you think were raised by what was said, and so on.

Then, you will staple the Preparation Paper and the Response Paper together, and hand them in. Note: they MUST be stapled. (I will throw away any Preparation or Response Paper that is not accompanied by its opposite, and if they are not stapled, I will throw them away even if I receive both. Folding corners is not an acceptable substitute to staples.) The completed Preparation/Response Paper is due the next class after a discussion.

I hope that makes everything clear for you. If not, let me know!

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