Stuff for Next Week


For next Tuesday, we’ll be concluding the discussion  of the situation involving Posco and the Orissan government in the state of Orissa, and its comparison with the film Avatar. This discussion will mostly be you, with me providing support and questions, so be ready to talk with others for about an hour. Have some questions, facts, and ideas to share.

For the second hour of class, I’ve decided we’ll be looking at the first hour of the documentary The Corporation. Since it sometimes takes a couple of viewings before a documentary in a foreign language makes sense, feel free to pre-watch the first hour or so online. The first hour of the documentary is online here. If you like, the script for the documentary is available online, too. Look for “Complete Film Transcript” on this page.

Remember that your discussion preparation and discussion feedback paper for the topic of Posco/Orissa/Avatar will be due on Thursday, March 18th.

For The Corporation, you should prepare a discussion preparation paper for part 1 (the first hour) for the discussion we will hold on March 18th; it will be due on March 23rd, along with the discussion response paper you will write after Thursday’s class.

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