Some Texts to Check Out

Here are the texts I mentioned in class today. I recommend you get onto them as soon as possible, and remember: feel free to read a Korean-language translation of either or both, as long as you also read the English-language original. The originals are both public-domain and freely available online. (They’re probably also in the library if you want to look for them there.)

We will be discussing Heart of Darkness in a few weeks, and “Bartleby, The Scrivener” after midterms. Get onto those texts now, because I will also be giving you a few critical essays on them for preparation the week we’ll be discussing them. (You’ll want to finish the texts a week before we discuss them, in other words!)

Also, remember: your Preparation and Response Papers for the discussion of Posco in Orissa & Avatar are due this Thursday, March 18th. See you then!

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