For the Coming Week

On Tuesday, we will be discussing the first hour of The Corporation, and, if there is time, watching the second hour.

Normally, I expect that you will be writing Discussion Preparation Papers for each discussion we will have. As usual, you will also write a Response Paper following the discussion, staple the two papers together, and submit them as one document the class following our discussion.

For The Corporation, however, this would normally result in 3 discussion and response papers, which is too much. Instead, I want you to write Preparations for each discussion as we go along, bringing them to class to help you with the discussion. After each discussion, you will write up your response to the discussion. The full set of preparations and responses will be due the class after our final discussion of The Corporation. When that will happen will depend on how fruitful our discussions are, and how quickly we move through the film.

By the way, for those who wish to use the free, legal Bittorrent release of the film to preview or review at home, the link is available at the PirateBay torrent website. However, be careful to click the correct link: the big green download link is an advertisement, but the “Download This Torrent”  link beneath it is the link you want. (In case you have any problems, this is a copy of the correct link.) If you have never used Bittorrent before, you need a problem like μtorrent to download the file.

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