Article for Critique


For Tuesday, March 23rd: Those of you who have pitched topics and got a final topic to work on, should have begun writing and researchuing your articles already. Those of you who have no pitched yet, think about your topics and improve your angle ideas and pitches. We’re going to be finishing the pitching phase on Tuesday. I will talk to you about research methods and policies in the second half of the class.

For Thursday. March 25th: Here is the article for Critique that I said we’d be critiquing on Thursday, in the first hour of class:

Remember, you will talk about:

  1. What effect you think the author wants to have in the writing, and what it’s “about” (themes, ideas, etc.)
  2. What you think is effective in the writing
  3. What you think is not so effective, or could be improved
  4. One single suggestion for the author to focus on, to get a general and wide-range improvement in the story

Please type up your notes formally, so you can pass them to each author. This will help you express your ideas more clearly in the short time you have for offering criticism. Bring two copies, as one copy is for my files. (You will get credit for the total number and quality of pieces of written feedback you provide, in addition to the verbal feedback you give.)

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