A Belated Update

Sorry for the lack of an update, folks. I’ve been a bit busy with things like grading, and also got sick.I can’t lecture today (April 27th) but I should be okay by Thursday.There were some inquiries as to your current articles and upcoming plans, so here’s my plan right now:

  1. Your best draft of your article is due this week. Some people were confused, because I changed the date, so I’m going to simply say that if you haven’t handed in your article, then you must give me a hard copy (printed out) by Thursday this week (April 29th). I’ll grade/comment on the articles as quickly as I can and get them back to you, and from the day I return them to you, you’ll have a week to get them ready to submit to the CUF magazine. And yes, besides submitting a hard copy to my mailbox in IH341, you need to upload the file to the FINAL SUBMISSIONS subfolder in our Google Docs folder.
  2. For next week, we will be trying to get a topic for your next article. Please write up a short pitch for the three topics you’ve got in mind. (Note (a) why you think your topic is interesting to readers, (b) why you think it’s worth writing about, (c) the angle you intend to use to approach the topic, and (d) what kind of research you plan to use.
  3. I mentioned an interview with Guy Ritchie that I wanted you to read. It’s here. Please print a copy, read it, and bring it to class on Thursday, April 29th. We’re going to discuss it a bit, and it will become the basis of a homework assignment.
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