We were supposed to spend today discussing:

Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” (lyrics here):

… and Bessie Smith’s “You Got To Give Me Some” (lyrics here):

And then turning to the readings you did on the Harlem Renaissance, from this book (you can get book info from this page at Amazon). We were supposed to follow that up on Thursday with a discussion of the chapters I gave you from Satchmo Blows Up The World.

However, having lost my voice, it seems we’ll have to change our plans. Please check out the Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith songs and be ready to talk on Thursday about them. (I think my voice should be back by then.)

We’ll continue on to the “Harlem Renaissance” and the “Jazz Ambassadors” next week, and continue on to a new reading I’ll be giving you Thursday!

See you soon!

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