Panel Discussion Schedule

Folks,Here’s the schedule for our class’s Panel Discussions from 13 May to 10 June. I’m still working on figuring out exactly which readings I will assign you, but that should all be clear within the next week or two.13 May: Madonna — a modern flapper? Preparation for Audience:

  • readings: from Flapper. (To be distributed.)


  • Myung Jaeho
  • Hanna Kim
  • Eunjung Kim

20 May: Do Some Still Like It Hot? On Marilyn Monroe, Two Generations LaterPreparations:

  • Watch “Some Like It Hot” and one other Marilyn Monroe feature film.
  • Read up on Marilyn Monroe & see some of here photographic representations online


  • Areum Jo
  • Sora Moon
  • Hoonil Choi
  • Mijung Jang

27 May: SF as a Foreign LanguagePreparations:

  • Readings (to be distributed)
  • Watch The Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Fifth Element


  • Lomanova Daria
  • Perfilyeva Anna
  • Hanol Kim
  • Tao Sheng

3 June: Does Korea “Need” a Beat or Hippie Generation?Preparations:

  • Readings (to be decided & distributed)


  • Sejin Shon
  • Heera Lee
  • Shin Whan Kim
  • Cho Jae-eun

10 June: Heroism and Other Discourses from the World of Comic BooksPreparations:

  • Watch Iron Man 2 and Kick Ass
  • Readings (to be decided, but will include excerpts from Superman’s original comics, and from Men of Tomorrow)


  • Nara Han
  • Young Soo Ha
  • Da Young Lee
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