The Next Few Weeks

Folks:Time is getting tight this semester! I will have no choice but to cut something from our schedule, but I’m still trying to decide what.In any case, we’ll need to have a make-up class once this semester; it will take about 3 hours. We can try choose a date next time we’re all together.For next week’s class on 27 May, we will see Yehyun’s presentation.I think we’ll probably move Hanmoi’s and Minkyo’s presentations to the make-up class day, so we can have one more panel discussion. That means we’ll have two more Tuesday classes. For one, we’ll discuss a film — I’m still trying to select  one — and for the other, we’ll have a wrap-up discussion, with a short reading assigned.Your final essays are due on the last class, which is our meeting on the morning of Thursday, 10 June.

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