Updated Panel Discussion Schedule

Folks, here’s the updated schedule for our class’s Panel Discussions and lectures for this semester, which I had to rearrange because of all the events this semester on Tuesdays.Some of the readings and preparations are still TBA. As well, it’s looking like lecture time is getting to be too short, so I may indeed change some of my scheduled lectures to MP3 lectures, so you can download and listen before class, and then we can discuss any questions you might have during our precious classtime!

Note that there will be one makeup class held this semester. Hopefully we can have it during an afternoon where most or all students can attend, and then we can go out for a bit together afterward.

Note also that this may still change somewhat. I’ll let you know if anything big changes, and will post about it here!

13 May: Madonna — a modern flapper? Preparation for Audience:

  • readings: from Flapper. (To be distributed.)


  • Myung Jaeho
  • Hanna Kim
  • Eunjung Kim
  • Nayeon Kim

27 May: Do Some Still Like It Hot? On Marilyn Monroe, Two Generations LaterPreparations:

  • Watch “Some Like It Hot” and one other Marilyn Monroe feature film.
  • Read up on Marilyn Monroe & see some of here photographic representations online


  • Areum Jo
  • Sora Moon
  • Hoonil Choi
  • Mijung Jang

Makeup class: Saturday, May 29th (or another date if necessary): 

First Hour: Lecture — How SF Changed the Western  Mind

Second Hour: Panel Discussion: SF as a Foreign Language


  • Readings (to be distributed)
  • Watch The Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Fifth Element


  • Lomanova Daria
  • Perfilyeva Anna
  • Hanol Kim
  • Tao Sheng

1 June:Lecture — How SF Changed the Western Imagination (End) and Beats, Hippies, Straights, and the Politics of Youth Culture3 June:Second Hour — Panel Discussion: Panel Discussion: Does Korea “Need” a Beat or Hippie Generation?Preparations:

  • Readings (to be decided & distributed)


  • Sejin Shon
  • Heera Lee
  • Shin Whan Kim
  • Cho Jae-eun

8 June: Lecture — Beats, Hippies, Straights, and the Politics of Youth Culture (end) and Man and Superman, and Super-“girl”?10 June: Heroism and Other Discourses from the World of Comic BooksPreparations:

  • Watch Iron Man 2 and Kick Ass
  • Readings (to be decided, but will include excerpts from Superman’s original comics, and from Men of Tomorrow)


  • Nara Han
  • Young Soo Ha
  • Da Young Lee
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