Lectures of “Flappers” and “SF & The Western Mind”

Mediafire, the file hosting service where I uploaded the Flapper Lecture, is somehow suddenly down. So I’ve created an archive containing both of this weekend’s lectures: SF and the Western Mind, and Flappers, to one archive, on a more stable download page. You can get the archive here. As for the powerpoint of the Flapper lecture, it’s viewable here on Google Docs. However, it will play itself, so you might want to pause it an advance it as you listen to the lecture.There’s no slide presentation for the SF lecture, just the audio! Please have a listen to at least the Flapper lecture. I’ll say more about SF class on Tuesday, and take questions on both lectures. If you don’t listen to the SF lecture before Tuesday, please try listen to it before Thursday, as it’s relevant to the panel discussion happening that day.

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