Welcome to the webpage for the Listening & Speaking 2 course for Fall 2010 at CUK. This page will contain copies of (selected) handouts, information on events and homework, and more.Here are copies of two important documents for our class:

As for homework: for the week of Sept 13-17th, your main homework is to:

  1. Fill out the Student Info Sheet with your partner.
  2. Prepare a Topic Suggestion for the discussion you will lead later this semester, explaining what topic you want to discuss, and why you think it would be good to discuss it in class. (Due Sept. 14)
  3. Prepare a proposal for me, regarding your group’s Suggested Challenge for the class. The proposal should include: (a) what the challenge is (ie. “Only speak English for a whole day!” or “Speak to all your friends in English for a week, no matter what language they speak to you in…”), (b) what the rules are (ie. What people can or cannot do to fulfill the challenge); if you think of it, it’d be nice to include why you think this is educational, but I forgot to mention it in class. (Due Sept. 16)
  4. If you have not submitted the photo/outing writeup for me (for the outing you had with two other classmates), Tuesday Sept. 14th is the absolute deadline for submitting it unless you were absent when it was assigned.

I think that’s it! See you soon!

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