• New Homework (Week of 13th-17 Sept.)

    See below for the homework assigned last week and due this week. This list is for homework assigned on the 14th/16th of September.Homework Assigned 14 Sept:

    1. Fill out the polls below by 21 September. Each member of the class should fill out Poll #1, using the information you provided during the group discussion on 14th September (ie. your best/worst English classroom experience, and why you think it happened).
    2. The leader of each discussion group for the discussion of 14th September should fill out Poll #2, submitting the “rules” you have derived from the experiences you discussed. These rules will be used to draft a Course Constitution for our class.

    Link for Poll #1.

    Link for Poll #2.

    I may update this homework list depending what we do in class on 16 Sept, so please check back again soon!

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