Making Blogs (Creative Writing)

By the way, just in case you’re having trouble making a blog for Creative Writing class: it’s a short and simple process. Go to (or, if you prefer, and sign up, make your blog, and then write down the address of your blog.

Please use your real name, instead of some cute username, so I can know whose blog it is I’m reading.

You can customize the template for your blog, add photos, or whatever you like. However, the main point is writing there.When you have created your blog, please submit the address (and your contact information) using this poll.

Please make sure the Email address you submit there is a Gmail account. You can create a Gmail account here, and here is some help on how to get Gmail to forward the incoming mail to a different email address (like your usual address), if you prefer to do your email on another system.

Good luck!

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