Want to Join a Book Club?

One student in the Dept. of English Language & Culture, Seoyeon Kim, is starting a book club.

Did you know that reading is a great way of improving all of your English-related skills? Not only your reading ability, but also your writing, speaking, and listening will improve more quickly, if you are reading English text every day. The benefits of a book club are that you’ll want to finish the book along with your club friends, and even better, because it will give you the chance to get together with other students and discuss the book, giving you a chance to use your English speaking and listening skills too!

This club won’t be like “circles” where you have to spend a lot of time together or do boring things. It’s all about reading interesting and fun books, and talking about them! That’s it!

If you’re interested in joining, please see here for more information (including how to contact Ms. Kim).

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