For Next Week


Here are the feedback polls for the discussions on 2 December:

For Discussion Leaders:

For Discussion Participants:

I’m splitting the discussion leaders into three separate polls. Please only give feedback for the two discussions in which you participated:


Next, I’ve changed my mind in terms of your homework about suggesting a topic for the class discussion on 14 December (our last meeting). Instead of handing in a bunch of pieces of paper, I’ve created another poll. You can suggest discussion topics (and a link to some content online that can be used to start the discussion) here. Your deadline for suggesting a topic is 9:00 am on 7 December 2010.


Finally, I have decided on a topic for our discussion next week (Tuesday, 7 December). However, the exercise is something I cannot announce ahead of time. I have decided instead to go with a creative thinking project, in which you must work with a group in a very short time to “solve a problem.”

However, if you would like inspiration, I recommend watching the 19998 German film LOLA RENNT (known in English as RUN LOLA RUN). Here’s a trailer:

It’s a great movie, and it might be useful to watch it before our next discussion. If you are very, very cheap or lazy, there’s a version of the film someone has posted illegally to Youtube (with English subtitles, as a playlist which, as far as I can tell, looks pretty complete). But it’s really a brilliant film, and I recommend watching it on a bigger screen, with better quality resolution, if you really want to enjoy it.

And now, I’m going to leave  you to ponder the mystery of what we’ll be discussing next Tuesday. Have a nice weekend!

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