Final Speech Evening

Hi everyone!

Good news! Our final speech evening will be in a proper hall: it’s room N301, which I am told is a large-ish lecture hall in Nichols Gwan.

As I said, you will need to make sure that at least five people come to the evening–the rules are the same as last time, with one additional rule: three of the five people you bring must be different people from the ones who came last time. You are free to invite more people if you like. I will post some tickets and posters here in the next day or two!

The room is booked from 7:30 to 10:00pm. The process will include each student speaking for five minutes, plus a few minutes for questions after each person. This means our event will probably take up the whole time. Please plan accordingly, and also ensure that the friends you invite understand that they are asked respectfully to please stay for the whole thing.

That’s it! Please check for tickets and posters in the next day or two (Thursday night, Friday, or Saturday).

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