Final Portfolio Deadline

As we agreed in class, your final portfolio deadline is noon on the 21st of December 2010. You will hand in your  final writing project; optionally, you can add any revisions that you have done to writing submitted earlier.   Like usual, you can submit the writing to my mailbox in the office of the School of English, which is IH341.

As with all the writing classes I teach, I am happy to write feedback for your final project. However, I want to make sure you really want the feedback–writing that stuff takes a lot of time and effort! Therefore, I’m going to ask you to submit your work in an unsealed SASE. An SASE is a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope.

Basically, all you need to do is take your writing, and put it in an big brown envelope. Next, write two addresses on the envelope. Before you write the addresses, you should know: I will be sending the work BACK TO YOU in the envelope. Therefore, you should write your own address as the “recipient” address, and you should write the address for the office of the School of English as the “sender” address.

(You can find the university’s address on the class website. Of course, you should include my name as the sender, and the room of our department office, IH341.)

If you do include an SASE, I’ll include some line edits along with general comments written about your work (like the typewritten comments I gave you on your midterm project).

If you don’t submit your work in an SASE, I will simply assign a grade and leave the work at the office. You can pick it up if you like, but if not it will be destroyed in February.

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