Final Speech Night Tickets

Here are the tickets for the final speech night for our class:

As with the midterm event’s tickets, you should print these out and write your name on the back of each ticket before giving them to the people you invite to the event.

I decided not to do posters because I suspect they wouldn’t generate interest. However, if you want a big turnout, feel free to advertise the event in your other classes.

Finally, just to be clear, here is how the event will work:

  • Students will be arranged into a random order. Each student will be given five minutes to speak, plus a few minutes for questions from the audience. Note that questions are supposed to be asked: tell your friends they are not just free to ask questions, but are encouraged to do so!
  • Your five minute speech will be about a specific problem at our university. While you are free to suggest possible solutions to the problem, be advised that the point of your speech is to make the argument that the problem you have chosen is serious and worthy of attention.  You are expected to have a clear thesis and supporting arguments. You are expected to have done some research in preparation for the speech.

Good luck, and see you Tuesday afternoon! (Yes, we will have class in the afternoon.)

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