For Our Last Few Classes…


To clarify, on the evening of Dec. 9th we’ll be discussing the following stories from David Sedaris’ When You Are Engulfed In Flames (2008):

  • “The Understudy”
  • “Buddy, Can You Spare a Tie?”
  • “That’s Amore”

On the 14th December, I’ll bring a “treat” to class, and I plan on reading a story to you, probably Theodore Sturgeon’s “The Professor’s Teddy Bear” (1948), and that will be the end of our semester. (I have an alternate possible plan, but I will run it by you.)


To recap, your final writing submission deadline is noon on the 21st of December, 2010. You must submit your final writing project, along with any revised exercises you’d like me to see (and it’s a good idea to include the original version, so I can see what changes you’ve made).

As I mentioned in my last post (see below) you should submit this all with an SASE if you would like comments and written feedback on your work.  Make sure there is adequate postage for your work, plus a page or two extra (because my written feedback  will likely include a couple of pages of paper).


Some of you asked about the work of HP Lovecraft (the horror/fantasy/SF author) last time. A number of his stories are available online. Although the graphics are cheesy, this page claims to have his complete works. Another, less-cheesy source for a lot of his work is, where you can download a lot of different formats, including ones compatible with your smartphones: the Lovecraft page is here.

Among my personal favorites of his works are:

Actually a couple of stories I love more simply aren’t at However, these are all good ones. If you’re interested but prefer to read in Korean, a large number of Lovecraft’s stuff is available in Korean translation as well.

Bear in mind, I warned you: Lovecraft’s work shows signs of his racism and sexism (and general personal weirdness), but it has endured as important to the genres of horror, SF, and fantasy alike.

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