Self-Evaluations and Our Final Class

I don’t have exact information on when the digitized videos of your midterm speeches will be available, but it looks like it will be sometime next week. When I know more, I’ll post it here (or, hopefully, announce it in class). In any case, you should try to get your self-evaluations mostly written up prior to seeing the video. You can watch the video to compare your impressions and memories with the reality.

Remember that your self-evaluation is not only an evaluation of your performance in the final speech, but also a demonstration of how well you have learned the materials of our course. That is to say, you should use the self-evaluation to demonstrate to me that you have mastered the knowledge and ideas presented in our Public Speaking course.

Your Self-Evaluation will be due one week after the videos become available (which I will announce here). Therefore, please check back often (starting next week) to see when the videos will go online.

We will have our final class on 14 December. Eight people will give argumentative speeches and we will ask questions and answers. That should pretty much take up the whole two hours. See you then!

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