Week 1 Homework

Here’s the homework I assigned in class:

  1. Open a Google Account (for example. by creating a GoogleMail account) and, if Google is not your main email account, set up GoogleMail to forward email to whatever email account you regularly check.
  2. Think about your favorite book or books; ask yourself why you like it/them so much; and then consider what kind of writing you would like to do in our class. Write a blog post on the subject (we don’t have a blog set up yet, so just write it in your word processor and save it to post later). Be ready to discuss it next time.
  3. Write me your “life story” but not as a simple, straightforward narrative from beginning to the present. I don’t care when you were born, or how many cats you have, unless they tell me something about you. Instead, choose a moment in your past (I don’t care when, how long ago or how recently it happened) that communicates something very important about you. Then reflect on how the moment affected you and made you who you are today. Write this up in approximately 500 words, to submit to me on Wednesday, 9 March 2011.

See you on Friday morning!

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