Public Speaking Homework, Week 1

Hi everyone!

Well, I hope the first class gave you a clear sense of what to expect in this course. I also assigned some homework, which was to prepare a speech of approximately five minutes, introducing yourself to the class. Here are the dos and don’ts I mentioned in class:


  • talk about yourself
  • be interesting
  • prepare a speech of about 5 minutes
  • practice


  • write a script
  • be boring

I get the feeling I wrote more on the board, but these are the points I remember. Anyway, be ready to make this short speech as early as Tuesday, 8 March! I’ll do an example then, and we may not start the speeches until 10 March, but it’s good to be ready, just in case.

In addition, I’d like to request that you make a Google Account, so that you can use it for some feedback sessions and other things. You can sign up for a Google account here, and if you don’t normally use Google Mail, then you can also set up Google to forward email to your other account.

I’ll have some readings and more paperwork for you to fill out next week. See you then!

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