Homework for 10 March 2010

Here is the homework assigned to you on 8 March 2010, to be completed by 10 March 2010:

  • go out with your assigned group of classmates and fill out one anothers’ Student Information Sheets (downloadable below). Do Not Fill Out Your Own Sheet.
  • In your group, discuss the following questions — and take notes, as I expect you to discuss your findings in class on March 10th, as well as submitting 500 words (typed, see format guidelines here) at the end of class on March 10th:
  • What is culture to you? When you use the word in conversation, what do you mean? What, in other words, are the hidden meanings of the word “culture”?
  • How would you define your own culture? What are its major traits or characteristics?
  • Make a list of things that are not part of your culture, but which (as far as you understand it) are part of Anglophone culture(s).
  • For March 15th, please read James Clifford’s “On Collecting Art and Culture” (PDF) from The Predicament of Culture.  (Here’s an alternate PDF link in case the original one fails. If both links fail, please email me to let me know ASAP, and I’ll upload a copy here temporarily.)
  • A reading for March 17th will be prepared for you and distributed on March 10th. This is a heavy reading week, so do make an effort to keep up.
  • Finally, provide your information for my digital class list here. A warning: please give me your real phone number, your real email, and so on. I will use these media to send information to you, so you need to give me usable contact information, and let me know if your contact info changes.
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