Information, Please!

Here’s your homework for March 8th, 2011:

  • Go out with your assigned group for a few hours, to get comfortable and make some contacts in the class. While you’re together, fill out one another’s student information sheets (which you can download below and print on your own). Bring them back to me on March 10th with a picture. This is homework, so observe the deadline!
  • When you get home, please also fill out this digital student information form. Warning, you need a Google Email account to fill it out, so make one if you haven’t done so already.
  • Write up the Worst Case Scenario assignment I discussed in class, outlining the absolute worst case scenario for your doing badly in an event involving public speaking. The wilder and more ridiculous it is, the better.
  • Begin thinking about a fairy tale that you would like to tell the class. It should be no longer than five minutes long, and simple to tell. A fairy tale will be your second speech to the class, so this is a case of preparing ahead of time. Again, I expect you not to use a script, but instead to work from memory, so use a fairytale you know well.
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