The Plan!

Alright, folks, here’s the plan for next  class:

  • I’m going to give you my general reactions and feedback regarding your speeches, and take any questions you might have.
  • We will do some exercises for building fundamental  speechmaking skills.
  • If there is time (there probably won’t be) we will start with the Fairy Tales that I asked you to prepare. When people are telling fairy tales, we will operate more like a workshop, with certain skills being the point of the day’s presentations, plus me stopping people to work on specific problems and for direct feedback from myself and students alike. So… make sure your Fairy Tale is ready to go!

In addition to this, I will be asking you to record your speech-making experiences, one by one. I haven’t set up a classblog or poll yet, so I think we’ll start with the next  speech, but it would be good for your own reference to assess your own skills. I’ll try get a poll set up in the next few days for you to use in the process of doing that. (And I’ll say more about that in class on Thursday.)

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