Half of What We’re Doing Thursday: No Idea About The Rest


So, I can tell you what we’ll be doing for the first half of class on Tuesday: I will be continuing  my talk from Thursday, expanding my focus to the question of what “narratives” have shaped the understanding of Love and Marriage in the English-speaking world.

I’m not sure what we’ll be talking about in the panel discussion, but depending on timing, it may be that I will postpone that panel till Thursday.

I would also like to give everyone a chance to meet with their panel members a few weeks in advance, so that tentative panel topics can be chosen. (Or else I could assign them, maybe, but I think it’s better when you choose them.)

Anyway, that’s what’s up for next Tuesday. I am going to start polling for your reactions to Panel Discussions only based on the second appearance of each individual on a panel. (Your first try is free, full marks for showing up. Thereafter, you need to start earning them.) That means following the next panel discussion, you will have to give at least one student feedback.

I’ll say more about that on Tuesday, too. Until then… have a nice weekend.

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