The Order for Tonight

Here is the order of the students presenting in tonight’s Storytelling Event (ie. Midterm Exam) for Public Speaking I:

  1. Jung-gu Yeo
  2. Youngni Choi
  3. Juyeon Gong
  4. Kyungmi Jung
  5. Minjung Kim
  6. Sora Kim
  7. Boram Kim
  8. Hyunshik Oh
  9. Hana Park
  10. Jinho Yeom
  11. Youngdae Won
  12. Hyeongseok Park
  13. Yeonjeong You
  14. Minyoung Kim
  15. Hyunjung Yoon
  16. Yuri Kang
  17. Seul Lee
  18. Mijin Jang
  19. Jiyoung Lee
  20. Jiyoon Hu

Apologies if I romanized your way (wrote it in “English letters”) with a spelling you don’t normally use: I am in a hurry and basically just had to guess while looking at the classlist, which is written only in Hangeul.

I will print a few copies of the list and will have them on hand as a program for the audience.

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