Just because you’ve handed in your final paper, doesn’t mean we’re not still having class. We’re still meeting all the way up to 14 June, and every class you miss is a lost mark, plus more lost marks for attendance/attitude. We still have a few panel discussions left to complete; people who skip their own panel discussions lose a significant amount of grades on each such panel.

I understand some people have serious reasons for not coming. Those people know well enough that those serious reasons are worth losing a mark or two. If you have no better reason than being tired, being ready for the end of semester, not feeling like getting up early, or having stayed out late the night before, well… I hope that reason is worth it to you.

It is in your best interests to get to class on time for the next two days, at least. Attendance in the mornings has been, well, far from inspiring, and if you’re part of the reason, you can certainly expect it to be reflected in your grades.

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