The Muppet Show


I can’t seem to find my copy of The Muppet Movie, but someone out there on the net has kindly, illegally uploaded it for you. It’s here, and please let me know if the file works.

For more information on the Muppets (which you may not have experienced as a kid, like most people who’ve seen this film), check out these links and videos:

    1. Check out this article on The Muppet Show, and this one on Jim Henson’s career. This Tuesday, we will be discussing not only The Muppet Show, but also kids’ entertainment and its role in the cinema, so think about that too!
    2. Check out the clips below, from various episodes of The Muppet Show TV series:

    (This song has been pretty popular, having been sung by everyone from Jason Mraz to Willie Nelson… check out Youtube if you want to see more…)

    Finally, a full episode of The Muppet Show: follow the links to see the Carol Burnett episode… Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    You can check out other Muppet Show episodes on Youtube as well… and they’re really worth looking at.

    See you on Tuesday!

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