Your Homework

Hi folks,

I promised I’d write up the homework for you here, so here’s a summary.

We got up to #4 on page 19 of the textbook.

Please go ahead and do #5. But instead of writing a personal essay, I want you to write a letter. You will only write a letter — not a letter and an essay. ONLY a letter. You should just write it by hand, on notebook paper. It’s only a first draft.


The letter you write will be a letter about a struggle you have faced in your life. The struggle should be the one your partner in class helped you choose. You will write the letter not to me, Gord, but to someone important in your life. You can tell the person how he or she helped you with your struggle, or explain the struggle to them if they were not in your life at that time.

When you write the letter, remember to think about the things we discussed in class for autobiographical writing:

  • Character (discussed on page 18)
  • Technique (discussed on page 19)
  • Theme (discussed on page 19)

Then complete the exercises on pages 20 & 21. Those exercises should help you to get the formatting and style correct for quotations, as well as to get you thinking about imagery, interesting language, and style.

Finally, type a second draft of your letter for me. Format it as usual, following the guidelines on this site.

You will submit both your first and second drafts of the letter by Thursday, 6 October. We will review the quotation exercises in class on Wednesday, 5 October.

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