Homework for Next Week

Sorry to be a bit late in posting this: the cold I had attacked me once again, and I got almost nothing done on Friday/Saturday.

I’m expect you have already handed in your Information Papers. I must have them by this week.

Your homework in your group was to devise an interesting Challenge for the class. Examples of challenges from the past can be seen here, here, and here, but don’t copy those: you need to make up your own. We will discuss and finalize the list of Challenges on Tuesday.

For Thursday’s class, we’re going to discuss Discussion Leading a bit more, make a schedule, and then have a small-group discussion. The small group discussion will focus on the following question:

What do you think will be the top five problems Korea will face in the next thirty years? And how do you think we can start dealing with them now?

To prepare for this discussion, I expect students to prepare a list of potential problems, do some research to support (or to refine, or to falsify) their ideas. I expect each student o have a list of several problems, and for groups to discuss and narrow their list down to a total of five, as well as to brainstorm ideas on how to deal with those five problems.

We will discuss in smaller groups at first, and later in class share our results and discuss ways of dealing with the problems.

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