Homework For the New Students (and For Everyone Else)

For the two new students who started the class today:

Everyone else has written one piece for homework for me already. You must hand this in by Thursday, March 15. The homework is to think about a book you have loved at some point in your life. Write for me your thoughts on what it is or was about the book that you loved so much, and your thoughts on this.

And for EVERYONE, I assigned one new piece of homework:


Write for me one scene involving a flat character. The scene can involve more than one character, but one character —  the most prominent one — should be a flat character of a familiar type: a pirate captain, a mad scientist, a prince or princess from a fairytale, and so on. The scene should have a beginning, a middle, and an ending. Action is good. Description of the scene is good. Discussion of characters’ feelings, not so much — skip feelings and paint us a picture with your words!

This  assignment is due on 20 March. We will discuss a few examples then, and I will give you your next assignment.

Also, for March 15th, everyone should be able to answer the next two questions:

  1. What kind of project do you want to work on for your midterm assignment: a story, a series of poems, a screenplay or comic book script, or some creative nonfiction?
  2. Tell us about the main (round) character on whom you plan to focus in this project.
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