Bamboozled now in the office (& Dropbox possible too)


Sorry for the delay. I know some students stopped by the office to pick up a copy of Bamboozled, but the meeting I was in went a bit longer than I planned, and when I got to the office it was 4:45pm.

I hope everyone has a chance to get a copy of the film tomorrow and watch it for Thursday’s class. If the Office Assistant can’t find the file, it’s in a folder on the Desktop called “Bamboozled” — I put it in the top center of the Desktop.

However, another possibility is that I could share the file with your on Dropbox… my Dropbox account is full right now, but if you all sign up using the following link:

Link to join dropbox.

… then I will have enough room to share the file with you. That would be very helpful. I’ll check tonight to see if I have room for the file, and if I do, I’ll put the file there.

When you join, or even if you don’t, please sign up here:

Class signup Form

… so that I have your email contact information. I will need this to share files with you.

(Note: you need to install some software on your computer to use Dropbox, but it’s not spammy and it is a good service. I recommend it for backing up your homework files in case you (or your instructor) happens to lose something during the semester.)

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