Challenges Completed, and for Next Week


I have a created a chart for tracking the challenges completed: you can see it here. You might want to bookmark the page, and check it from time to time. Please note, I only fill out the chart as I give responses to submitted challenges.

Currently, I have only processed challenges submitted in Week 2 (up to 16 March). If you submitted after that date, don’t panic, you will get a response sometime this week.

As for next week, the plan is as follows:

On Tuesday, 27 March, 2 students will lead discussions on the topics announced in class. (I forgot to note them down, so I hope you did!)

On Thursday, 29 March, you will present your group’s work on the question of what you think are the three most important problems you think Korea will face in 30 years, how you think we ought to start solving those problems now, so that we avoid trouble as much as possible.

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