For 16/18 April


Thanks to Easter and the elections on 11 April, we will not be meeting again until 16 April. However, you know what you should be working on:

  • Be ready for your next speech. (One person is  left who will tell an embarrassing story. The rest of you will be telling fairy tales.)
  • Practice dramatizing your fairy tale a little — try doing voices, making faces, mimicking actions, etc.
  • Practice the things we’ve worked on or discussed in class already:
    • self-presentation,
    • projecting your voice,
    • eye contact,
    • dramatizing your story
  • Prepare for your midterm exam, which is when you will tell a ghost story to a large audience. Your task for the exam is to master the skills we’ve worked on in class (self-presentation, projecting your voice, eye contact, dramatizing your story, and, also our next skill, which will be emphasizing with your voice)

Enjoy your time off next week, and I’ll see you in Week 7!

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