For April 10/12


For April 10, we will have discussions led by Minkyung Park and Joo Ryeom Jung. The topics chosen for this discussion are:

  • Whether voting in elections is youtr duty as a citizen of a democracy, and
  • What you think about early English education for children.

Please arrive at class a little early, so that you can arrange the desks and be ready for the discussion to begin after my beginning-of-class announcements.

On Thursday, we will continue with the presentations regarding problems Korea will face 30 years in the future.

Also, I have updated the feedback page with forms for you to submit feedback to the leaders from the discussion on 3 April (Ye Lim and Seongjin). Go here to do that. (Ye Lim and Seongjin, just use the first link to submit your own self-feedback and feedback about your group members.)

Remember, participating the Discussion Leaders Feedback is a required part of this course, and if you do not give feedback, it will be reflected (badly) in your grade.

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