For Week 6


In week 6 (10/12 April) we will return to the subject of Week 4: the sitcom as a political construct. On 10 April, the two hours of our class will consist of your presentations of proposed sitcom casts and potential storylines, as if you are trying to sell the concept to a network.

On 12 April, we will return to the question of censorship briefly, as I have a few more thoughts and questions to share with you, on the subject of self-censorship, hidden censorship, and even cases where we are all very likely to agree that censorship is necessary, and I would like to also field some questions from the class. If you have questions, please consider how you will phrase them for that day.

Also on 12 April, the Week 7 students will explain what we will be doing in Week 7, and I will take 5 minutes to explain your final exam to you.

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