Next Week Plan


First, your homework for Week 6 (ie. 10/12 April):

  1. Write two descriptions, of approx. 500 words each, of the exact same place; write the descriptions to convey two very different moods, by selecting different details, interpretations of those details, but also word choice and sentence structure, to depict two very different moods. DO NOT WRITE WHAT THE MOOD IS SUPPOSED TO BE (NOT EVEN IN THE TITLE!) The writing you do will make it clear enough.
  2. Watch the new film The Hunger Games in a theater, and think about the way the narrative progresses, as well as the characters and structure of the story.

Now, for our plans:

  • On 10 April, we will critique two stories — which should be marked clearly with the date in the For Critique folder. Right now (at almost 5pm on Friday) Jungmin’s is the only story there for next week.
  • In the last part of 10 April’s class (40 minutes or so) we will talk about the stories by Rattawut Lapcharoensap that I gave you to read. We will hopefully discuss both stories: “Don’t Let Me Die in this Place” and “Farangs.”
  • In the third hour of Week 6 (on 12 April) we will critique our last Week 6 story, which will be clearly marked with the critique date in the For Critique folder.

Finally, I’ve forgotten to post this for too long (sorry!), but here is a good explanation of the format for a screenplay manuscript; the formatting is a bit annoying to do in a normal word processor, but if you teach yourself how to use a screenwriting program a lot of this work gets done for you. (And it’s not too hard to teach yourself.) When I need to write a script, I (like many people I know) use Celtx, which is free.

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